About Me

Hey ya'll, I'm Jennifer Ware!

I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, specializing in all things essential oils.  But more importantly I’m a mother to an wonderful daughter and wife to my high school sweetheart!   In order to give some context, I want to give you a little background on how I started this amazing, life changing essential oil journey.

Back in 2007 due to some medical issues our daughter was experiencing we made the switch to more holistic methods in our life with better diets, natural herbs and healthier options.
But it wasn’t until 2014 when a dear friend of mine insisted I go to a “healthy cooking class”, I went begrudgingly, which turned out to be an essential oil class. I really liked the class but was not sure what I thought about doing oils, but being already naturally inclined and looked more into it.
After deciding I would give it a try, initially not for myself, but for my mother and sent a lot of my oils to her, hoping to see if they could help her. She was a walking medical disaster. Yet she let them sit and so did I for a few weeks. My husband got a sore inside his mouth, like he has for years. A thought popped into my head, “Hey let me see if I have an oil for that”. Sure, enough I did, and let me tell you that was the amazing start to our journey. From then I started pestering my mom to use her oils. She started using them and it was allowing positive changes to happen in her health. We are so thankful and amazed.

Oils continued to positively impact and help my family in all sorts of different ways and I felt compelled to share about this wonderful tool to others.

My oil journey has helped me to realize a passion of mine, helping others to discover the benefits of a healthy life style and essential oils.  It is also growing me and pushing me out of my comfort zones, so I can reach and impact even more people. Sharing oils is not just about growing a business, but completely changing someone’s life and opening new horizon of possibilities.

My family is a huge blessing and such an amazing support to me and helped in this journey and were really the reason I started on a healthier lifestyle.

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